Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Profile: Orgreen

Established: 1997
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Orgreen has offices in Denmark and Japan, but the head office is in an old building in the heart of Copenhagen
Founders: 3 friends by the names of Henrik Orgreen, Tobias Dandrup and Gregers Fastrup.
Training: None of them had any previous backgrounds in the optical field, actually, only 1 of them even wore glasses. But it is their perseverance to learn more about materials and design which has given them the strength to continue.
Philosophy: Provocative but not arrogant. Orgreen has no ambitions of being the largest in the market, but want to maintain their market with customer who are interested in their design and quality conscious.
Inspirations: Unique cars, vintage planes, gear from extreme sports, etc... as well as travelling to other countries.
One thing that they love: Design, quality... and design

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Safilo trying to reduce debt

According to sources, Safilo is NOT trying to sell off some of it's brands in order to reduce it's 500 million euro debt. The company spokesperson that confirmed that they could possibly give up some of it's distribution abroad.

-Does this mean that there might be a little competition in the market place now instead of Safilo and Lux owning everything and creating a monopoly? We'll have to wait and find out...