Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How lenses are cut into your eyewear

Lenses come in all stages of "readiness". Which means, some already have a prescription ground into the lens whereas other come as a block of plastic. For simplicity, let's just assume that the lenses come finished and ready to cut. So how do we get this block of plastic into the frame?

1. Trace the shape of the frame in the "tracer".
2. Next dot the lenses for the focal points and the correct prescription in the "lensometer"

3. Put the dotted lenses into the "blocker" and put a chuck on it so that it will hold the lens

4. Next take the lens and put it into the "edger", which cuts the lens to the shape

5. Take out the lenses and voila, they are the shape of the frame. Now just insert them.

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